I see a Capt. has been tried by Gen. C.M. for disclosing information in his letters home, and sentenced to lose seniority, so they are out on the war path. A very pleasant day in B_____ [Bailleul]. Poor Robinson had died that morning. The photo P.C. [post card] was Div. H.Q., where I stayed; moved now. Warm today, heavy shower now on, like thunder. My new residence is sand-bagged, side and roof, and has a door and window! Glass very hard to obtain; got two panes. Except these huts will be cold, but we may not be here. B_____ [Bailleul] is a long trek, off eight miles, not a bad small town, fair shops. Good fishmonger, and cheap. Fruit expensive, decent restaurant in the food line, but small pokey accommodation. One of the new lads has pushed off with appendicitis, quite a good youth, too.

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