Such a warm day and the Sappers have been making more excavations here, with the result of more decayed potatoes and beet being thrown out, and the stink is severe. It has got into my doss house and permeates everything, like the worst flax smell you ever struck. Menaul’s name has gone in for Staff employ, to be attached to 109th Bde. Either the Army or G.H.Q. orders these moves. I suppose unavoidable owing to full Divisions going S. [south], and depleted Div. coming up here, but none the less irksome. Flies bad again today. Padre has gone to see Robinson. He has two services tomorrow. No sign of my 22 returning. Have written again to Nugent. The heat is really quite oppressive. We had another false gas alarm about 9.00 p.m. last night. New C.R.E., King, came to see me today, brisk and anxious to learn conditions, though dismayed at gigantic hutting scheme on foot. I put in a plea for more huts at R.L. [Red Lodge] We’ve done some good wiring this time and useful work on trenches. Can’t stand the stink any longer; must go out.

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