Pratt should get on very well with his new lot. He has knowledge and keenness and energy. Jos. Johnston commands ‘C’ Coy., Given ‘D’, and Ensor ‘B’, Allen ‘A’. Colder today, and trying to rain. My harrying did good. Comyn came over today and promised us two officers’ huts and one men’s at once. Should be up before we come out again. This will make a difference to our comfort. We go in tonight; relief getting earlier each time owing to light, which is a blessing, as it means earlier settling in. We are leaving carpenters out of the line to carry out the work under R.E. supervision. It has turned colder; healthier. I think we shall get into one of the new Elephants at Stinking Farm tonight, which will be an improvement. We shall use it as a mess, with a small room partitioned off for either Shill. or me. Have been squaring up Battalion accounts for August. Have only now got through canteen funds, and now have to begin on the £500 donation, which has increased, with interest to £516. I find every other Battalion has only a little of this left.

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