Service this morning at 10.00 a.m., but our guns were so noisy it was distracting. Second Service afterwards in our mess hut. There was a gas alarm last night, about 11:30 p.m. Everyone stood to and put on gas helmets, but no sign of gas, so after a bit we ‘stood down’. False alarm, I believe, from people on our left. The higher command are very nervy about gas here, and one has to be careful as the Bosche frequently looses it off. One never moves without gas helmets, and when the wind is easterly everyone wears it, opened and pinned to the shirt in front, ready to pull on. Wasps a bother here, but no flies. In the line flies and no wasps. Ricardo came over yesterday p.m. and had a long bukh! He is commanding 109th Bde. temporarily. Yes, Padre is one of the best this world produces. We are busy, with help of R.E., making huts, etc., here more rainproof and generally better. Am leaving two carpenters out of the line for this purpose. Am going to stroll out with Shill. to have a look at an outpost. Walked back and dined with Ricardo at Bde. H.Q. Very pleasant dinner.

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