5.30 p.m. Padre returned today looking all the better, and so cheery; he is such a dear. We bombarded and generally stirred up the Bosche last night, and he has been stuffy all day, plugging in shell just over this at short intervals from about 3.00 a.m. up to now. I don’t think he’s done much damage. Such an uncomfortable day yesterday, but today sunny, and drying wind. Everything was wet in huts and dug-outs; they all leaked, and such a wind, and the rain drove in. Looks as if leave might open soon, but I couldn’t leave yet. Have to find 66 men every night to wire on our front! It’s too bad. Of course it’s urgent, but they should knock off the other parties. Be sure and impress on all who come out to insist on coming back to 9th. If they are firm they will get back. I can do nothing here.

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