Don’t think there will be any Push till the Spring, when as Repington says, we may push from the sea to the Somme. It hasn’t ceased raining since last night. You may imagine the state everything is in. My sandbag residence is streaming; it has no door and the rain drives in. Lutton gone back to his Coy. Soon we shall want socks in large numbers. Will find out about roll call on 1st July, but they are busy at present getting out the list for R.P.M. [Regimental Pay Master]—a big job. Just seen Pratt, he seems very chirpy. Have been trying to mend holes in all roofs, but it’s a big job. We have to find 65 men every night. Luckily they cancelled some of them last night, and today, owing to the weather. The only good thing about the rain is it stops the deafening guns! I see Germany is raging at Roumania coming in; it ought to turn the scale well and help Russia. Bulgaria will find she has backed the wrong horse. It’s great, 400,000 men, and freedom for Russia to move means a lot, and of course, as Roumania didn’t join in Balkan wars four years ago, she will have plenty of reserves. Everything is damnably wet. Just found I’ve been sitting in a pool of water collected in my chair.

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