Got a cheery letter from Wingfield. I am in hopes he will do all right. He had a bullet right through his body. He was stooping tending a wounded man, and he got it in the back, but it seems to have missed his stomach. I really believe he’ll pull through all right. Quick relief was finished at 10.00 p.m., was up here at 10.45 p.m. Today heavy rain and thunder, everything in a fearful state as every roof is full of holes, and I’m going over ankles in mud, and no way to dry. Such a noisy p.m. with guns and thunder. Shill. takes up duties of 2nd in Command con amore and is being most helpful. I was glad to get out of the line—the extra day told. We only had three casualties, two officers and one man wounded. Considering T.M.’s [Trench Mortars] and M.G.’s was fortunate. The Div. have wired about our 22 so hope they come soon. Have written in reams on the subject frequently! Feel so relieved about Wingfield, but is such a gallant boy, only 17, [in fact 19] with a splendid spirit.

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