A wet night and heavy showers in the a.m. Now cleared off. Various Staff visited us, all very affable. There is a certain amount of what is called trench fever going; it’s a sort of ‘flu’ temp. Muggy weather, I think, has brought it on. Godson returned from sniping course last night, very keen, and bright bird. Quiet night, but very hot. The Bosche put in a couple of shrapnel whenever he sees a small party showing themselves, and men are careless. He buzzed in three about 30 yards from here a quarter of an hour ago. They are very harmless unless you are just under them. Holt was down this morning, also the gunner Lt. Col. and the How. [Howitzer] Major, so we are full of visitors. We don’t go out till Wednesday owing to a night working show. Somerset Saunderson was rather impressed with the discomfort of our surroundings. It’s curious how you get accustomed to anything. I hardly notice it now, and am quite happy here, with an occasional growl. We get our ‘Times’ regularly now the next day. They seem gradually creeping up to Thiepval. I expect next spring or summer we shall have enough big guns and ammunition to make a simultaneous Push from the sea to the Somme.

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