Godson joined in March from 4th Battalion. Was in the 4th Hussars. He is capital, and so bright and full of views, and always quite unperturbed. Clements came from Armagh. He has got the Military Medal. Corps, Div. and Bde. Commanders congratulate him. The first man in the Battalion to be decorated. The order has gone out from G.H.Q that men are to be returned to their units. A quiet night and morning, very little M.G. fire, and only occasional shelling. Drizzle during night and this a.m., but all for heat. A pleasant breeze now got up.


Although Lieutenant Colonel Blacker had submitted recommendations previously for awards for gallantry just prior to and during the attack on 1 July—such as those to Captain Menaul, and Sergeants Foster, Lucas and Palmer—the awards to Godson and Clements were the first to be announced. They were published in the London Gazette on 26 and 21 September, respectively.

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