Bosche very active last night from 5.00 p.m. till 4.00 a.m. this morning. Trench mortars, 4.2 Hows, Field Guns and M.G. very vicious. They caught a wiring party of ours and wounded two officers and one man; one such a dear boy, Wingfield, only 18, so keen and capable. They got him badly through the stomach. He was one of those who did the patrol. I purposely saved him from the Push, he was so young, though he implored me to let him go, and now he is gone. I fear he can hardly recover—anyway we shan’t see him again. He came from 4th Battalion. The flies have suddenly got very bad, they pervade everything, crawl into all food and generally harry one—notwithstanding fly-papers, creosote, spraying and every device we can think of. The Padre will tell you all about this part of the line and the country. I miss him sadly. We are a very dull party without him. Fine, and pleasantly warm. Whenever the wind in E. they order a gas ‘Alert’, when gas helmets have to be worn in a certain way, and other precautions taken. Of course, the wind is S.W., but the gas ‘Alert’ is still on.

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