Relief quiet and quick, over by 10.40 p.m. We are a throng in the line. Each Coy. about seven [officers]. Have Lutton and the new L.G. Officer at Bn. H.Q., and a man out from the Inns of Court O.T.C. for instruction for four days. Seems a nice fellow, called Buller, cousin of old Redvers. Spent 3½ hours round front line this morning. Depressing the amount of work to be done. Flies have got very bad here at H.Q. Air thick with them, and on all food. Have still got my £500 intact, but shall have to draw on it soon, I expect. Everyone else got through theirs I hear. Fine, warm, cloudy, today. Just heard from 11th Essex Regt. they have buried the following five men _____ [names not recorded]. Before leaving Somme area Div. said all surplus stores, private and public, could be left with them at a central dump. They have lost the lot, everyone saying. Luckily we didn’t send much of value, three telescopes at 10 guineas each is our mess loss, but perfectly iniquitous.

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