Robert Lucas MM

Robert Lucas MM

A sprinkle of rain in night, and it’s cooler today, but the night was very warm. The usual M.G. fire at night, and today about lunch time they put about eight 4.2’s near this. No damage. The 11th R.I.R. did very well on July 1st. This is a very bad place for Hun gas, and when the wind is E. special precautions have to be taken. The wind is now N.W. I’m glad to say.

An officer and two men who have been recommended for award are to go to be seen tomorrow by the King. Padre and Sergt. Lucas are going. Duke just been in and had a chat, pleasant and helpful.

5 p.m. The usual T.M. strafe has begun, but on our left, and our Hows. and 18 pdrs. are replying; such a din going on. Wire come in cancelling visit to King.

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