C.R.E. [Divisional Commander Royal Engineers] and G.B. came round this p.m. It’s really most amusing—all asking if we wanted anything. Ensor goes with recruiting party. He was splendid all the 1st and afterwards, and wants a change. He is the youngest and such a splendid type of young fellow. I’m glad of the chance of getting him home. A change, and we don’t go back to the same bit of line; we side step to the right, the bit I first looked at. Not so comfy. It has turned much colder, and looks like rain. As life here is carried on entirely out of doors, we have only a dirty tumble-down hut, and have all of our meals alfresco; the prospect is not pleasing. Owing to a re-arrangement of the line we shall not actually go into the line again till about the 9th, and then into another portion, which is a nuisance. Rode over to see Transport and Stronge after tea. Heard today 40 of our men were with 2nd R.I.R. [Royal Irish Rifles] I shall not rest till I get them back! Another Div. from our left going S., and a shattered one taking its place, hence re-arrangement.

P.S.—Of course, if Austria made peace Germany could not hold out long by herself. Yes, water here at three feet. Suppose Bosche is the same, but they’re above us.

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