The relief was earlier than I expected. I got in here at 12:30 a.m.—in a sand bagged dug-out in P_____ [Ploegsteert] wood, in a log hut. Place dirty and not very comfortable, but I’m all right. Div. H.Q. about three miles N. of Bailleul. Bde. H.Q. in B_____ [Bailleul] The Gen. was round this morning and was most pleasant. He has quite changed, and it’s now quite a pleasure to meet him. Relief to be eight days in and out, I believe. Yes, still in V Corps and 2nd Army. XIV Corps gone south. We only just missed the salient. 29th Div. gone in. Cole Hamilton goes to command 8th R.I.R. [Royal Irish Rifles] Fergie is doing excellent work; the quick relief last night being mainly due to him. Have put in for Shill. to be Major, and Lutt. [Lutton] and Given Captains. Such a warm night. Very sorry we lose Cole Hamilton.

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