M’Calmont came over to see me yesterday in the P. of Wales’ car! He has put on flesh, but is looking well. The Prince specially offered the car to him to come and see the Div. They are in the salient and have been in since March. Not a salubrious spot. I went to the Bde. office yesterday and found out that my amended report about C.M.J. had not reached them, so got them to wire it at once.

Plumer is our Army Commander.  He came round to make our acquaintance today. Grown very white, but very pleasant. He looked hard at me and I mentioned you and Hale, and he said “of course, I knew your face and couldn’t place you”. Don’t know what Corps we are in, but believe V. Don’t know who commands it. Wilson, Reg. Q.M.S., [Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant] comes from Poyntzpass, and was clerk in Gavin Low’s house in Dublin. A charming letter from the Primate. Did you see an account of the rebellion in Wexford, written by a lady living on the river below N.T. Barry? Quite good. We sent a Sgt. and Pte. from each Battalion in Div. to Paris for 14th. They have just returned. They had a great time, and the Sgt. (Campbell) said “We were just adored!” Today I was ordered to send in one of the names already submitted, for immediate reward.


The account of the rebellion in Wexford was written by Moira O’Neill—the nom-de-plume of Agnes Shakespeare ‘Nesta’ Higginson (Mrs Walter Skrine), who lived at Ballyrankin, County Wexford. She is known for her book of poetry ‘Songs of the Glens of Antrim’. Her account of the rebellion may be found online in various formats:

O’Neill, Moira. (June 1916). During the Rising in Wexford. Blackwood’s Magazine. Volume CXCIX, No. MCCVIII, pp 819-827.

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