Of course, we have begun the usual training fads again, programme of work, etc. As we have no men it’s rather a farce. I hope we may get filled up shortly. The 11th have got in some 90 Derby recruits. Quite good, I hear. The present idea is we shall stay here for a few weeks, but nothing is certain. The Push seems going on all right. There were rumours yesterday that the Cavalry had got through, but I fear not. We are here due W. [West] of Ypres, but some way off at Éperlecques. We may go back to 4th Army, or may stay here with the 2nd, probably latter, I should say. If we took over a bit of the line the Bde. would take over a battalion front, each battalion acting as a company. That’s what the 29th Div. did. We are in a new Corps, but I don’t quite know which—IX I believe.  A heavenly day. We missed the bad weather this time. Have lost my beloved Onoto, and am lost without it. Fergie very pleased at being made Adjt.


The Derby scheme—officially the ‘Group Scheme’—was introduced in October 1915 as an interim method of recruitment before the introduction of conscription. See: The Derby Scheme

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