We leave here at 6.30 a.m. and have to put in the day on the road, as we don’t entrain till 11.17 p.m., about 11 miles from here, and then a 40 mile railway journey, and then a march of any distance—we shall be near St. Omer. Saw G. Bruce just now. Bob Maxwell an out-patient in London. I feel ashamed almost to be alive. I didn’t take part in the Push and was never in danger, and I feel I didn’t do enough, while all these gallant fellows gave their lives. We hadn’t a long march today, about nine miles, and the weather is nice. Tomorrow about 12, but taken in two bits. There is a big officers’ hospital here, and a large men’s clearing station also—heaps of nurses. Orderly going, trying to get a field post office at D_____ [Doullens] about 1½ miles from here.

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