We’ve been hanging about all day, expecting orders to move up in support, but so far none have come. As far as we can make out so far, our casualties are as follows:

Officers Other Ranks
Killed 2 58
Missing, believed killed 6* 157
Wounded 9 278
17 518
*4 of these found later and buried

Our present available strength here is 280, of which we could put about 196 into the line.

Such fearful showers today. They are trying another go at Thiepval today, but rumour says it has been repulsed; Haig has just gone through here. The Push is doing well in the South, where it was not expected, but at present it’s hung up in N. and centre. We have to be ready to move within the hour.


In fact, the final casualty count for the Battalion after that fateful day was:

Officers Other Ranks
Killed in action 8 214
Died of wounds 25
Wounded 9 303
Captured and died of wounds 1
17 518

These figures do not include the seven men killed and over forty men wounded in the period between ‘U Day’ and the morning of the attack. The total casualty figure for the period beginning 24 June 1916 is, therefore, no less than 582 casualties of whom 255 were killed in action or died of wounds.

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