3.00 p.m. A line on chance of someone going out. Bombardment still continuing, Bosche not replying much. Last night he put in a lot on our front line and we had two killed, and 11 wounded. Cloudy, warm, and no rain today. Fergie came in later yesterday himself and brought us some fresh meat. We bought 550 fresh loaves of bread and brought them into the line with us. They took a lot of carrying, but it was well worth it. Heating water is a difficulty for the men; only a little coke, no cookers. As long as it’s fine it doesn’t matter, but it’s hard for them to get dry, once wet.

5.00 p.m. Meat lozenges came all right. Cold never materialized. Fergie up again, very good of him.


The casualties were:
17929 Private Harry Molloy, killed in action by shellfire at Hamel on 25 June 1916; Hamel Military Cemetery.
14773 Private Alexander Weatherall, wounded by shellfire at Hamel on 24 June and died of wounds on 25 June 1916; Hamel Military Cemetery.

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