3.00 p.m. This is the last letter you can rely on getting for some time. I will try and get others off, but it’s very chancy. So hot today. I suppose we are in for the other extreme now; it’s certainly better, but the cold nights make it difficult to legislate in the way of clothing.

4.30 p.m. Was called away to see to various tocks. Will write again, probably tonight, on chance of posting it somewhere, but at present don’t see much chance.

9.45 p.m. Hope to be able to post this at Mesnil tomorrow passing through. This is the first warm evening we have had, and there is a haze, which I am sure is ‘all for heat’. We have now 42 Officers! I hardly know even the names of the last six that have come. Stronge has clipped his hair, and presents a strange appearance!

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