2.00 p.m. Have to be at Bde office at 2.30 p.m. for a conference. Morland very sound. 110th Bde is in 37th Div. Fine drying day; sun and N.E. wind. More instructions keep pouring in. We’ve done a useful day’s work in the dry. Joseph Johnston, who is a linguist, goes to the Corps to interrogate prisoners. Padre is coming with us, I’m glad to say, he will be splendid. A very cold night.

5.00 p.m. Have been sitting in conference for 2½ hours, and really nothing of importance settled. Hours wasted over unimportant details, and serious matters either laughed at or met by “will find out”. Am muddled to a degree. Hope everything will be cleared up in time. Fergie has got the accessories of the camp so comfortable, and the whole place has dried up grandly. Rather a dear old woman owns this house. She is mending Tiger’s woolly for me. Am wearing again it is so cold.

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