4.15 p.m. Poor Vennard badly wounded in head, fear is bad. Don’t know what hospital. One never knows when they leave this where they are. The Bde H.Q. lived in Martinzart with a French family. I made a point of never going there for a meal, so never saw the females. It was, in my opinion, absolutely wrong—things were talked about at meals which should not have been discussed before strangers. Quite possible they were spied. Charlie got ‘ratty’ if he heard the word ‘spy.’ Said there weren’t such things! We begin summer time at 12.00 midnight tonight; all clocks go on one hour. Everything has suddenly been advanced. We go into the line Monday, for some days. You will get no letters, I shall receive none; but don’t be uneasy. I’m sure the Battalion will do well. I pray it may not suffer. With a little luck we ought to be all right. We stay here till Monday; others leave tomorrow and the day after, so we score. Rain again last night and showers early, but it has now cleared up and is drying fast, but such a mess everything is in. I managed to get a rum ration last night; the men were chilled to the bone, and their clothes were soaked. Owing to this advance of everything C.M.J. isn’t going to take his leave. They have reduced our leave ration to one now. The elephant is now occupied, you’ll be glad to know. New B.M. [Brigade Major] appeared this a.m. on parade. He seems very youthful.

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