Everyone got soaked. I enclose list of wounded from Lurgan and Portadown. Three bales sock—500 in all—arrived June 3rd. No word of B.M. [Brigade Major] yet. Dined with Oliver; most affable. I put one or two things strongly to him and he was quite of my opinion. Got in some good ones to Singleton and Comyn. Oliver said he would like to wash his feet in the Rhine, and burn a Hun village. The camp is a sea of mud. Remember when the Push comes we shall be cut off probably for a week, owing to bombardment; no letters in or out, or rations or messengers. We are laying up a store of food, so you mustn’t be alarmed at not hearing. I have no idea when it will come off, many people think soon, and others are skeptical, but preparations go on busily. Such a bore this daily attacking trenches on someone else’s ground. Our attack place has not been marked out properly yet. I don’t take much interest in it. I fancy we shall get into the Bosche trenches easily enough and without much loss, but staying there will be costly. Have written D’Arcy asking him to be careful as to whom he allows to come out as chaplains from the Diocese, pointing out how wonderful is the influence of the right sort, like Halahan, but what harm to religion can be done by one not suited. I don’t think any of them except Halahan go into the trenches.

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