Huts are improving; have got waterproof sheets to cover them, and ablution places and basins, with brick floor and pathway; good incinerators, laundry and baths working, but after rain the whole place is a sea of mud. It rained up to 5.00 a.m. and the place was awful; now dried up fairly. Pak laid me 60 frc. to 40 that the push will take place before the end of June. I think I shall win his 60 frc. Am sending C.M.J. on leave on 17th, ‘At.’ on 12th, if its not stopped before. Rode home from field Day with Holt. There was not much strafing. Such a wet morning today. Just off to Field Day. Hessey has got 110th Bde. Very sorry to lose him. Rotten arrangement. Rained all night; fine this a.m.

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