3 p.m. Not a bad day, but not very instructive. Talked to Morland. Rain began again 2.00 p.m. Saw and spoke to Rawlinson. He has aged a good deal. Oliver droned for ¾ hour, platitudes. Morland short and to the point. I hear from Ricardo that Repington is very optimistic as to an early end. Am skeptical, but R. has not been optimistic in the past. It’s bitterly cold this afternoon, and hard to keep warm. I hear Rosy Smyth’s 2nd in Command, (Brush) has succeeded Hessey. I don’t see any reason for depression over the war; things are going on all right. They are making frantic efforts at Verdun and Ypres, but even if they fall the Huns have paid an awful price, and the line is not broken. The Naval Battle was, I believe, a far greater success for us, and a blow to Germany than we make out. Much of their Fleet is crippled and they’ve lost large numbers of sailors, which they can ill afford; and the Ruskey’s are pushing ahead. All is well, but the end is not yet.

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