2.00 p.m. Such a wet drenching a.m. Bull had a raid last night. 30 went back into the line for it; not very successful as they only saw three Bosches, who ran away underground. We blew up five of their dug outs, I believe, but I haven’t seen any of the 12th yet. They now want to take away the men’s cafes. They’ve written them hell! No successor to Smyth yet. Don’t count on July leave. I’m sure leave will be stopped sometime this month. Mess, Orderly Room, etc., are rather uncomfy and difficult here, no place to sit or write. No chairs or tables, and a leaky roof. Cooking all in the open. This weather when one’s driven inside is dreadful. Charlie tossed as to whether Bull or I should go and do the raid. I felt rather thankful I lost. Bull’s life has been a burden to him ever since (nearly a month ago), Corps, Div., and Bde. Generals all with different plans and wanting something else tried or something else done different. Rather harried today; all sorts of reports to send and the general muddle which prevails.

10.00 p.m. It turned out a fine p.m. and we had a ramble with Charlie over the laid out dummy Bosche trenches. He was vague and we spent 2½ hours and not much knowledge gained. It’s deucedly cold this evening, after the rain. An order came in this p.m. no leave to be granted to officers above the rank of Coy. Commander, and I expect that will be stopped soon. I hope to get ‘At.’ away on 12th, and perhaps Stronge and then Charlie J., which will about finish the leave for the present. Saw Bull. His raiding party were got by shrapnel as they were returning. They came on a tunnel leading to our lines, which they blew up; looked like a mine shaft. Instead of letting us train quietly in essentials, such as bayonet fighting and musketry, they are having senseless Field Days. This morning was one of the most depressing ones we’ve had out here. Such mud and discomfort for the men.


The raid conducted by 12th Royal Irish Rifles was against Railway Sap, which elements of that Battalion would attack again on 1 July.

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