3.30 p.m.—Satisfactory relief, but late. Did not get in here till past midnight. No casualties, so we had only the one the whole week. Fear you will have the wet we had yesterday; it rained all p.m., but cleared up about 9.00 p.m. for the relief. Imagine how I have been employed since lunch? Picking gooseberries, with Berry, for a tart this evening. A poozy late slack morning. No, there was no mining in our bit of the line. Berry turned up today very chirpy and full of Dublin yarns. Fergie came to the line yesterday p.m. to see us. He was also in excellent form. Shuter—D.S.O.—from 1st R. Ir. Fusiliers, gets Hickman’s place; a capital fellow, but I’m sorry it’s not Hessey. Bull is confident that he will get 1st Battalion, but their Adjutant, who was here just now, thinks not. A cloudy day, but nice and warm. Men had a late morning and are bathing; no working parties today or tonight, thank goodness. I believe after the six days of the 12th [Royal Irish Rifles], the Brigade go back behind Hedeuville for a fortnight. I’m rather sorry to let strangers into our bit of line, as they always upset things, and give our little ruses away, not knowing the place. But a change back will be pleasant. Red T. is next door teaching our cook M’Neill, how to make pastry for the gooseberry tart. Old Scott has gone back to his field camp. He has got very large and lethargic, but he’s a good natured old thing.

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