Second Lieutenant G C Dickson

Second Lieutenant G C Dickson

9.30 a.m.— They turned a M.G. on our wiring party last night and hit that nice boy, Dickson, a Sub [subaltern] in ‘C’ Coy. He was hit high up in the chest, and the bullet is still in. He was in considerable pain. We got him away in the motor ambulance, about 1.30 a.m. and the Padre, like a brick, went with him, and has not yet returned. Another roasting day; they are putting whizz-bangs over the new Elephant to try and stop working parties, I suppose. A good many trench mortars into the Battalion on our right. Just off round the line. Our Gunner officer for this 24 hours came out as a Bombardier in ‘J’ [‘J’ Battery]. Rapid promotion.

12.30 p.m.—Just back and rather warm, but the cellar is beautifully cool. ‘D’ Coy. have just got into their new dug-out mess; very nice. We started it when we were here in Feb., and when we came in last month it was still much in the same state. However, we got on to it and now it’s done it is very satisfactory. Very deep and safe. Centre Coy., ‘C’, also have a good one, but the right Coy has a bad one and it’s hard to improve it. However, the accommodation is greatly improved, which is as well, as we are a good deal stronger in officers now. Padre returned at 7.00 p.m.—not a good account of Dickson. They have taken him into a good hospital, about 10 miles from here, and we are to hear tomorrow what they think of him. He suffered a great deal, I fear. Three oil cans landed just now in right Coy. No damage. Papers still very erratic. No ‘Times’ since Tuesday.

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