Another lovely day, and so hot. Relief went off all right. Such a perfect night and a full moon, no cold; one could sit outside. The Elephant may be ready in a week; I doubt it. Padre has taken Pratt’s bed in the cellar. 50 of the Pioneers and two officers are doing work in the line. We have to feed one of them. Allen (16th) [Royal Irish Rifles] fell from his horse yesterday and is suffering shock! Another Pioneer officer fell off his horse and has since died. Had a very hot walk round this morning. The trenches very airless. The 12th did a lot of work while they were in. There was an aeroplane over us last night. Don’t know whose. Bosche captive balloon up today observing. The cellar is delightfully cool today, but everyone coming into the line comes here so there’s never any peace or privacy, which is trying. We are busy deepening all trenches in the village, as during a strafe it is impossible to move about, until they are deep. I think I told you there is a beautiful spring of water here, which is a great boon. This cellar is to be turned into a Regtl. Aid Post or dressing station when we clear out to the Elephant.

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