Rain stopped, but still dull and cold. The old train managed to get on last night without unloading. Had another bath this morning, and am getting all the men a second bath before they go into the line. Expect we’re getting your bad weather now. No more Hun spot cases. Hollywood has returned; no other new officers so far. No, never heard a word against the Indian troops. There might have been a few isolated cases, but I doubt any general disaffection. We come out to Mesnil each time, but when we come out for 14 days will go further behind H____e [Hédauville]. The only badly wounded last Sunday was Hall, who comes from Tyrone. L/Corpl. Huston, from Armagh, was wounded on a fatigue party, the same night, but before the strafe. Have not heard how Sergeant Pollock is going out, but I fear he will not come back to us. Don’t know yet when we go in. Have been reading Dillon’s speech—a lot of impassioned rot! A____ [Amiens] has been put out of bounds for all below rank of Maj-Gen!


The speech referred to was the stand made in Parliament by John Dillon MP against the continuance of martial law and the executions of rebel leaders. The proposed resolution, his speech and the Prime Minister’s reply may be read in Hansard.

John Redmond MP and John Dillon MP

John Redmond MP and John Dillon MP

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