A heavy strafe from our guns 12.30-1.30 a.m. Considerable noise. Night dark and windy and some rain. Much cooler today, and wind. Practically no retaliation on us. Y.C.V.s had about 25 casualties last night in the return strafe on the wood, in which nine were killed. A fairly quiet day, but some whizz-bangs into the village this p.m., which wounded two R.A. [Royal Artillery] We had no casualties, I’m thankful to say. A new trench is being dug tonight joining up across a bend in our line and shortening it. 400 men on it in two reliefs. Menaul got in from patrol. Met nothing.

Y.C.V.s had one officer killed and 11 men, and some 20 wounded in last night’s strafe. Rain held off all day, and it was pleasantly cool, a light shower about 9.00 p.m. Thank goodness, Nat. Service at last. Oh, that they may include Ireland. Wonder who succeeds Birrell? The ‘Times’ has something in about calling in all arms. Wonder what about U.V.F. We are trying a service here in lines tomorrow. Did a lot of walking today, the weather was so delightful and cool and nice after the stifling heat.

2.00 p.m.—Went for a long trek round with Pratt, round the whole line. Inspected the new trench cut last night; ground hard and they only got down 3 feet. Will want another 2 nights’ work on it. Scott, R.A., came down again yesterday p.m. and we examined a house in Bosche lines, which seem fortified, but owing to the thickness of the leaves it’s very hard to see, and, I fear, impossible to range on. The trees are nearly full out and give a lot of cover from view. I heard cuckoo Easter Sunday. One swallow April 16th.

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