Monday’s ‘Times’ has a long account of the whole show. It seems to be fairly scotched now. After very heavy thunder showers p.m., the evening turned fine for the relief. We got in without casualty, but they dropped about five small H.E.’s close to Flood’s platoon just behind here, and I thought they were done for. Providentially not a man touched. Relief completed at 10:40 p.m. Very muggy day, but so growing. Have been round a good bit of the line. Of course, mud and water again—pumping, baling and scraping going on. Am tied into the cellar now, as Cather has had to go to M_____ [Martinsart] on a C.M. [Court Martial] Little G is coming to see arrangements for evacuating wounded! He is responsible for such, and it’s the first time he’s been here to see about it. They are trying to charge the Battalion £46 barrack damages while at Bordon. I have written in a snorter, somewhat libellous, I think. I am quite prepared to refuse to pay and go to law. It’s barefaced robbery of the absent, to cover up gross slackness in Barrack Dept. I’ve given them h___ [hell]. The 12th had a fairly heavy doing on Monday night, for half an hour. They kept up a hot rifle fire in return (25,000 rounds), and prevented brother Bosche coming out. Only four men slightly wounded, perfectly marvellous. Numerous cases of life saved by the steel helmets.

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