Woodbrook House

Woodbrook House

Another glorious day and very warm. Walked to H_____ [Hamel] and saw Bull and Brig. Yesterday was quiet except for a Hun strafe of about half an hour S. [south] of this some way. Saw Sunday’s ‘Daily Mail’. Dublin still seems to be in rebel hands, and 6,000 rebels in Wexford. Am anxious about Woodbrook. Kut has fallen, alas! after a gallant struggle. According to present arrangements we shall remain going in and out in this bit till about 20th, when we go back for a fortnight and then into this bit again. Wonder when letters will get through. Another lot go on leave today. Wonderful tales of rebels shooting women and children; wonder are the U.V. F. doing anything? They should be organised for the Defence of Ulster. I know you’ll let me know all the news you hear.

4.00 p.m.—Your letter of Wednesday just arrived. Great relief. You are evidently more in the dark than we are! 12th sent up S.O.S. signal about 8:45 p.m. Apparently they were being bombarded with trench mortars. However, after quarter hour all was quiet again. You appear to have had very heavy rain, hope you are having this glorious weather now. It banked up for thunder again this evening, but nothing came; the evening is close. We go in again tomorrow for six days.


Unlike Carrick Blacker, Woodbrook House is still in use. The photograph is used by permission of the current owner; read about Woodbrook House.

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