Another lovely day with a gentle breeze. Instead of resting the men while out of the line, we have to find large working parties every night, and the heavy work and the sudden increase in temperature is causing a certain amount of high temperatures. I have told the Brig. plainly that unless the men get some rest there will be a breakdown. I did the idiot boy over a working party of 100 ordered for last night, and didn’t send it, thereby causing excitement, and reasons in writing. However, we saved the men and they got one night’s rest anyway. Tonight we find 80 men. Oh! These working parties, such an amount of needless fatigue for the men. No letters again today, due to this Dublin business, I suppose. We’ve only got Wed’s papers which gives no more news than Tuesday. I visited another Battery near here, commanded by a Capt. who came out as a sub. [subaltern] in ‘B’ Battery. Seemed a very capable fellow. He was full of praises of the gunners. We have a working party lengthening a sap and wiring it in the front line tonight. 30 men and two officers from Pioneers rolled up this p.m. to assist in work generally.

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