Another lovely day and warm. Too many people moving about the village yesterday! Result—it was searched with whizz-bangs from 2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. A whizz-bang got a poor fellow called Hutchinson, from Richhill, and killed him. He was buried last night. He also was in the last draft, which have been singularly unlucky. Tin hats were too hot to touch after an hour in the sun yesterday. They are, though, of course, much uglier than the French, more serviceable in every way, and give more protection. Blackwood goes for old ‘A’, and very rightly. We shall never do anything while he’s there. I’m sure. I must say I’ve enjoyed this tour in the trenches, the weather since Sunday has been glorious. Heaps of aeroplanes up and being fired at from both sides. They put three trench mortars (large) into the village yesterday p.m., but luckily did no damage. Am just going to sally forth on the morning rounds. The fine weather has made every one very chirpy. The men who were not with us Xmas 1914 should not get P.M. [Princess Mary] boxes.


The casualty was:
22151 Private James Alexander Hutchinson, killed in action on 25 April 1916; Hamel Military Cemetery.

2 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26th

  1. Nick. James Alexander Hutchinson is not on the Richhill War Memoria but William J Hutchinson is mentioned twice.
    Can you explain?

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    • Hi Kenny,
      I don’t know for sure, but Hutchinson is a fairly common name in the area. I see that the second ‘William J’ is followed by ‘Canada’. As for James Alexander Hutchinson, I note that there is a ‘Sandy Hutchinson’ on the memorial – there’s a good chance that’s him.


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