A cloudless, windless day, and poozily warm. Bosche ’planes trying to get over. At 2.00 a.m. ‘At.’ came and reported while digging a new sap he’d come across a shaft shored with wood, with a wire in it, and suspected mining shaft. I went out myself and made a close examination, and am convinced it’s an old French shaft from our lines to a listening post, which has fallen in at entrance, which is a relief. While we were here a strange dog came nosing around, and in a few minutes we saw a small German patrol go back over a German parapet. Patrols evidently go out with a dog. It was a lovely dawn with a mist along the river, which should mean fine weather. Another officer been posted, and on his way from the Base. Don’t give us any information about him. We had our first case of an accidental wound this morning. A man in ‘C’ Coy. shot himself in the foot. They put a lot of trench mortars into Battalion on our right, about midnight. A certain amount of M.G. fire, otherwise a quiet night. There is an almost total absence of sniping, and the Bosche lot opposite are a peaceful lot just at present. We are grazing cows daily now. One broke away on being first let out, broke rope, and careered up the hill. However, she was pursued and recaptured.

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