Had quite an active day, and it was a lovely sunny spring day. Went over to see Ricardo in p.m.—he is on our left. He had two killed and 16 wounded, including three officers, the night before, and was rather sad about it. The Padre held seven services and walked miles. I visited the cookers with Berry in the morning, and various working parties. It was a pleasure to be out. Trenches drying up well under a drying breeze. I’m glad we are this side of the river. The other side did not strike me as being a pleasant spot at all. Am waiting for Brig. and have Coy. Commanders’ conference at 2.00 p.m., and to go to far end of line with R.E. at 3.00 p.m. A patrol, under Montgomery, met a Bosche patrol last night and outed one man. We had no casualties. Aerial activity on both sides this a.m., otherwise quiet and a quiet night, except for Hun M.G. fire on our ration road. Certainly, when fine, this part of the line is pleasant, and except for the crowd in the cellar I prefer it to M_____ [Mesnil]. A good deal more interesting. Pratt full of zeal for sniper posts, etc., and observation of the Bosches’ doings through telescope. Elephant not ready yet, so still in old cellar. Trenches dried up grand and were delightful today. Had a long afternoon inspecting various places for projected work. Andrews, a new officer, went sick today with Hun spots. Div. sports at H_____ [Hedauville] today. We won wrestling on horseback and some flat race. Padre went to see Bryan in Hospital; he is going on well.

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