A lovely sunny warm day, but still what wind there is is cold. We had service in the open, and it was warm. The fruit trees, grass and foliage, are coming on fast. Am bringing ‘A’ and ‘B’ back here tomorrow and sending ‘C’ and ‘D’ to M­­­­_____ [Mesnil]. We go into H_____ [Hamel] line Thursday or Friday. Bde. [is] only having one Battalion in line, so we shall be out a good deal—six days in and 18 out. Lots of working parties on every day, but not much for me to do. The Div. Staff says that leave has been stopped on account of Easter traffic at home; if so it’s a shame. However, it is hoped it will begin again 25th. We beat 9th Inniskillings 6 goals to 0. We shall be in the line Easter Sunday. Reid is L’Corpl., but still looks after Betsy Jane. Talked to Hughes about his brother, and Johnny Cook [sic] came to see me.

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