Had a Battalion Parade, band, etc., and march past in a.m., and am going to M_____ [Mesnil] now to see ‘A’ and ‘B’. Very cold wind today and threatening snow. Have been inspecting the town, or village, today with a large suite, consisting of Pratt, Cather, Fergie, Berry and C_____, who is Town Commandant. Owing to many troops just staying the night and passing on, many of the billets are filthy, and much cleaning up has to be done outside our own area; roads cleaned up and repaired, etc. We are eight in H.Q. mess now, quite a cheery party.

Went over to see ‘A’ and ‘B’. today at M­­­­_____ [Mesnil]. They’re fairly comfortably fixed up in cellars and are on working parties every night. Saw Gen. about leave. He was in favour of my going at once. Got caught in a bad snow storm on our way back, and the ground is again covered with snow; very disappointing. A letter from Queen Alexandra’s Sec’y., Streatfield [sic], saying the Queen was sending some comforts to the Battalion, and she wished the acknowledgement of them sent direct to her.

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