‘A’ and ‘B’ Coy just gone. I sent by post today the roll of men, with addresses, etc. H.Q. mess will be full again. All sorts of rumours about contemplated moves and pushes, today for the first time for many weeks, but a big forward movement is meant, I believe. We had eight officers of 11th E. Yorks and two Coys here last night, none of which I pay much heed to. Big business moving Fergie’s stores, he leaves nothing behind; even the bricks for the fireplace to heat the water for the baths he has brought. As I have often said, it’s very tickling to one’s vanity to hear the nice things that are said of one, but I realize more and more how much I have left undone, and how much I ought to do; it is imperative to be always up and doing.

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