A cold sleety morning has turned finer and warmer. I had a bit of cold, so stayed in bed. It’s nothing much, and I’m feeling much better. Smyth came over here this a.m. We move on Tuesday. We go to M_____ [Mesnil] three Coys and one Coy about a mile this side—no place for transport or stores. Two battalions will be in M_____ [Mesnil], which will be a fearful squash, the other battalion being one of 109th, resting from the line. 107th goes back to P_____ [Puchevillers] to construct a railway. After a fortnight we all change round—we to the line, 109th back, and 107th in support. That’s the present idea but doubtless it will be changed again many times. I daresay it will be all right, we always fall on our feet. Had a pleasant dinner with Gunners. We got the Div. cinema show over for the men. Two performances 5:30 and 7:30 p.m., and again Monday. We had the King’s Review. Very good! The white pony looked very well. The Battalion was in excellent line. The show lasted 1¼ hours. I have a comfy bed. The sun is coming out, so trust this is winter’s last effort. This goes in R.A. bag [the Royal Artillery mail bag].

The Inspection of 36th (Ulster) Division by King George V

The Inspection of 36th (Ulster) Division by King George V


On 29 March a readjustment of areas of responsibility would take place with the introduction of 31st Division into the line. 36th (Ulster) Division was allocated a shorter, two-battalion frontage astride the River Ancre holding the line Hamel-Thiepval, with the other two battalions of the forward brigade in reserve. This arrangement would last until the attack on 1 July.

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