Dull and beginning to snow. The party of nine Officers and 40 N.C.O.s came in at 11.00 p.m. No valises or kits. They must have been jolly cold in the night. They went to Egypt in December, and have not seen any fighting or trench life. They have much to learn. A quiet night, but a certain amount of shelling is going on now. Turned much colder. The snow passed off and never lay, but it was leaden and dull today. Fairly quiet except for the usual morning and evening Hate. No casualties, though some burst on the back of the trenches. We move out tomorrow evening back to H_____ [Hedauville] again, I’m glad to say, but how long we shall stay there I don’t know, but we shan’t move, I hear.


The visitors were from 10th (Service) Battalion, The East Yorkshire Regiment (1st Hull) in 92nd Brigade, 31st Division, which had arrived in France from the Suez defences.

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