Another nice day. I move about 2.00 p.m. and visit Bull. See what he’s done and see what we have to do this next week, and return to E_____ [Englebelmer] this evening, leaving P_____ [Major Pratt] in the line. We had a great feed last night, provided by Fergie. I enclose menu, which will amuse you. Fergie very bright bird and immensely pleased with his St. Patrick’s Day arrangements. We beat the ‘Young Cits’ 2 goals to 1. They played a rough game. No more news of another move, but it’s coming I fear. However, I don’t look ahead more than 48 hours. Shall have a church parade tomorrow, for as many men as we can gather, ‘B’ Company, transport, etc., and Padre has arranged a celebration. Over six weeks since we have had a service of any sort.

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