Very quiet so far. Another snow fall in the night, and frost. Had quite a good night. Very quiet. Dearth of water this morning. Just off to wander round. A quiet day and trenches improving by hard work. Poor ‘B’ Coy. had a wretched night. Two platoons in fire trench all night, and snowing and freezing. Thawing all day, and still doing it. Have now got the old trench dirt ground into me. Hands, face and clothes grimy and muddy. A new youth, Ozzard, joined today. He seems a good sort. Only saw him for a few minutes on his way to ‘A’ Coy. Ensor laid up with erysipelas in London. All leave still stopped. Accommodation here is very limited. Padre returns tomorrow, but doubt if he can stay in the line this tour anyway. We’ve rigged up quite a good stove in this dug-out in place of the coke brazier, which is a great improvement. We are just on the right of where we were in November. Bavarians opposite us I think.

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