A better day, and a thaw on, though not decided. The weather having been so severe, the Gen. has decided to relieve after four days, and we go into the line again tomorrow (Sunday). Rather a blow cutting our rest by two days. However, we are only to be in four days, but they will be bad ones if the thaw comes; Berry has got the flu, and Scott is doing Medico. Have got all bathed and changed into fresh clothes, and have a bath myself this evening. The relief from here is more complicated as it’s further and means a late business again. The 50 off leave will arrive at rail-head tonight about 10.00 p.m., just in time to go into the trenches. Am feeling very well. Poor Anderson has gone home very ill-pneumonia and Stuart Wortly [sic] has the Corps temporarily. Many moves are on. Hung up for the moment on account of the snow. I dine with Griffith tonight. The new officers have not materialised yet; one has been struck off sick at home; and the others I can get no word of.

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