Relief very late and I didn’t get away from trench line till 11.00 p.m. and walked over here about three miles. Got here about 12 midnight, three inches snow and a little frost made travelling rather difficult, and kits didn’t come in till 1.00 a.m. I went straight to my billet and went to bed and managed to keep warm with some difficulty. Water frozen in here, and in Perrier bottle! Bright and clear and frosty today. Of course, another change is on. We don’t go back into the same line—Div. is contracting its front. I believe 109th relieve 107th and we go in close support, 107th going back in Reserve. It means a move from here into villages round—always changes! Just as we were getting to know that bit of line. The sharpest frost we have had the whole winter. We were lucky to be out of the line last night. We buried Wood and Ford [sic] at 2.00 p.m. yesterday, in a snowstorm. I read parts of the burial service. Quite a nice bright little cemetery. They had a salute of guns, which were firing all the time.

The 107th have been doing very well and are very good now. Of course, Fergie was awaiting us when we came in last night, at entrance of village, to conduct us to our billets, and he told us a move was on for Saturday! Possibly, and I must say I thought probably Ypres! But it’s not here, and it’s now postponed two or three days, probably Monday. It’s a great relief to be able to walk about without keeping an ear cocked for the whistle of a shell or the rattle of a M.G. I intend to do some late mornings in bed. Breakfast 9.00 a.m.—after six days rising at 5:30 a.m. Found the pony well and Reid very helpful on arrival. I shall bring him home next time I get leave. Rather cold, but feeling very well, and have escaped the cold which everyone has got. Bitterly cold again tonight. They have altered the move again, and now we are to go back into the line again as before, on Tuesday. They’ll probably alter it again; now they’ve stopped all leave, whatever that may mean. We bathed about 250 men today and gave them clean clothes.

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