Lieutenant R S B Townsend

Lieutenant R S B Townsend

Fine at last, and a wind, but very watery looking sun. Mild quiet night. Went round at 5:30 a.m., and found much water about, and trenches fallen in in many places. A dug-out fell in about midnight, burying one man, but he got out unhurt. A sniper just been located, and Pratt is off to see if he can snare him. We downed two Huns yesterday. One of our snipers got them at about 400 yards. It blew hard all night, and the wind is getting up again. Socks and candles are our wants for the men. Padre goes off tomorrow evening for the leave. We shall miss him sadly. Red T_____ turned up the day we came into the line. Yes, send handkerchiefs. Our mess cook has gone on leave, McNeill, from Meadow Lane, Portadown, and Dodd, [sic] the mess waiter, has taken his place and cooking quite well. Hooper does waiter. 4th Div. and Hants [Hampshire Regiment] resting. 36th Div. taken over this line permanently. Am really quite comfy.

9:45 p.m.—A tremendous outburst of fire just N. [north] of us from 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., but nothing happened. We all stood to arms for two hours. It has been an anxious evening with disquieting reports from patrols. I have taken various precautionary measures and am now awaiting developments. Don’t be alarmed. You will know by this time to send socks; still to send socks, candles also, but no mitts or mufflers yet. I believe the men at the Base have a mascot, but don’t know for certain. Fine today except for drizzle this evening, which has now stopped. The sleeping accommodations at M_____ [Mesnil] isn’t bad. Pratt and I share a room of sorts. Adjutant has a kennel to himself, and Berry and Padre double up. I shall only lie down tonight, not go to bed.

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