Such a gale blowing. It was a beautiful quiet fine night and we dug our trench without the Huns finding us out. The men played up splendidly. 50 go on leave today. Young Gibson had a narrow escape Sunday. He was walking on the line when they put eight whizz-bangs suddenly all round him. He lay down and one landed about six feet from his head, and he was not touched.

1.00 p.m. A quiet morning. Post just going.

9:30 p.m.—It has been a wild blustery day, and now is blowing very hard and raining. I went down to the trench line to see Bull and arrange about continuity of work. He is full of sound projects which want cooperation to bring success. We shall work in well together, I think. The trenches are in a shocking state after the frost and rain, falling in everywhere, and full of water and mud. A new scheme and programme of reliefs is out, and I’m glad to say when we come out of the line after this tour, we go back further, instead of coming to this place. ‘At.’ and others going on leave went off this p.m. and start from rail head at 5:30 a.m.! in the morning. It has been very quiet here today, no shelling. Percival’s Div. has come in on our right. I hear old Baldock was hit, three miles behind the line, standing by his chateau, after only a fortnight out here. The G_____ was shot at yesterday once or twice by snipers, or a M.G., and said it must not occur again! Padre goes on leave on 22nd.

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