Only time for a line. A quiet night and morning so far. Raining. We are having communion service at 12:30 p.m. in a cellar.

Sunday Evening. We’ve had a quiet day—only a few (½ a dozen) whizz-bangs put into the village. Tilney, Lt. Col. R.A., came to see me today, I walked over to ‘D’ Company with Berry in p.m., about 1½ miles direct, but we had to take a devious route thro’ muddy roads in a wood of about 3 miles, and came back by a short road in the dark. ‘D’ Coy. held an outpost from here and are quite comfy and very perky, and pleased with themselves. Had a bath this evening, which was wanted. The frost and rain have made all the trenches very bad. There are a lot of 2nd line trenches all rough here, which we have to keep in order. For instance, tomorrow night we find 400 men to dig a 2nd line trench for 400 yards. As it is in full view of the German lines it has to be finished in the night. A few men (four) are suffering from shell fever and have to be sent off to recover. The wounded man of yesterday has died—Nicholson, ‘B’ Coy., two cookers were knocked about also, and both Johnstones [sic]—C. and J., and Given, had narrow escapes, all being grazed. We’ve all gone underground now. They were 5.9 shells, not 4.2, as I thought at first. It rained and drizzled up to 3.00 p.m. Now clear night. An excellent cake from Miss Wyer arrived, and was pronounced A1 by H.Q. Mess. Scott goes to 108th Field Ambulance early this week. We got 300 men bathed today and given a change of underclothing, and hope to do 300 tomorrow, and the balance the next day. F_____ is showing signs of shell fever. Curious, the only one who is, the others are splendid.


The casualty was:
16425 Private Thomas Nicholson, died of wounds on 13 February 1916; Forceville Communal Cemetery and Extension.

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