Such a lovely sunny day, but cold. We are off tomorrow, 3 days’ march, and into trench line night of February 5-6. Not the same place, just further south. We go to our old friend P_____ [Puchevillers], but in two marches, then M_____ [Martinsart] where we stop. I fancy it corresponds to M.M. [Mailly-Maillet] 107th Brigade come back much to their disgust. We and they in the line, 109th in reserve. I suppose we shall go 6 days in and 6 days out. Quite interesting to see a new lot of trenches. Fancy they are all right. Am glad to say we keep the other Div. Artillery-Willie Strong and Co. Berry is doing Transport Officer, and Scott, Medico for the march. Stronge and Pratt return on Saturday night, the night we go in. Pleasant return! Just had my hair cut very close for the trenches, by a company barber!


107th Brigade had been attached to 4th Division since early November. 36th (Ulster) Division was the first New Army division to be committed to the line intact, as originally constituted, on its first deployment.

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